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Our Gothian Templar Land Claim Marker, 130 years before Columbus, Claimed America

 As the word of Yahweh says "remove not the ancient landmark"

A comprehensive and speculative analysis of the Kensington stone

Our Gothian Templar "Land Claim Marker" for America 130 years before Columbus. This land claim that was staked has not expired but has been reiterated, expanded, ratified and later brought into our "perpetual" Godly institutions known as our 1639-1800s state constitutions and articles of Confederation (preceding and post dating the English dominance) which state that our perpetual Confederation is covenanted together with "one and the same aim",  "the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintaining the purity of the gospel" in the period,
as these Christian covenants climaxed in defining the only true (and perpetual) union operating inside of America, as is widely confirmed for 99% of the time our our Gothic Christian(Caucasian / Caucasus-Asian) dominance of these prophesied farthest Western promised lands. **Note the legal term "perpetual" meaning long pre-dating and continuing throughout the ages**

Goths' Latin Psalter Found at Mt Sinai, dating to time of First Crusade under Raymond of Gothia

 Another important artifact for the Collection, the Visigothic style Latin Psalter kept at Mt Sinai since the 9th Century. (note although we see the 9th century mentioned, we have proof the Visigothic Prince of Gothia, Raymond IV, led the largest armies of the first Crusade, and no-doubt carried such Psalters. As we have demonstrated in previous articles, it is more based in fact that he advised the formation of the Templar order. )

Saturday, April 17, 2021

More and more Scholars Agree the Glastonbury St Joseph history is valid, and not just a "grail legend"

More and more scholars are beginning to agree that the church history about Joseph of Arimathea founding the church at Glastonbury, was correct. It was not just some "grail legend. Some articles that may help in this area are found below, as from the Priory of Salem, Institute of History:

The Jerusalem Church Moved To Britain, and the Apostolic See of Glastonbury, later called the “Second Rome”. Many 1st-2nd Century British Saints attest to this, see attached PDF of Saints

Numerous Ancient Manuscripts Confirming St. Joseph (of the Sanhedrin) Founded the British Hebrew Priesthood at Glastonbury in 36AD – St. Andrew's and St. Joseph's O.C.C.. Home of Watchman News, the Priory of Salem and TCAWW (

Numerous University Professors are interested in this topic of the true Celtic church and the Anglo Saxon Israel message of Christendom. So many have realized the truth is important, however the information has been very hard to find.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Orthodox Benedictine Order served the First Templar, the Culdee Chaplains to the Templar

Another major reason to join our Orthodox order of Templar. Our first Clerics were Western Orthodox Benedictine Culdees.

At a time so near to the great schism, it can be easily shown that the founding knights of Templar were Western Orthodox, still in full communion with the Eastern church. Gothia(Visigothia/Langudoc) was always called and Orthodox realm and people.
Most have just browsed over one of the greatest Templar founders, "Robert the Monk", Abbot of the Benedictine Monestary of Reims (Reims being the Lyons Gallic-Celtic French institution in a long coordination with the Culdees, and a co-apostolic succession from the Holy Apostle St John, so well known to be an order not subject to Rome, and under Polycrates and Polycarp were all "excommunicated" from Rome for their primary theology held by the Culdees, like the dating of Easter, usage of the Hebrew Passover etc). (So it was clear not only as being in Pre-Schism order of Benedictines, of which were primarily consisting of Culdees of the time, but in the traditions of his home Monestary, they were indeed more Orthodox than they were Papal. Numerous disputes came out of Lyons against hte popes as well, for example the Waldensians, and later the larger Reformative wars. Many of our Celtic Culdees not only of France and Germany were Benedictine, but also throughout the British Isles (Scotland and Ireland included). Robert the Monk is recorded as being one of the most important Western Orthodox Clerics assisting at Jerusalem together with the founding Knights who took the oath together under the hands of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Patriarch of Constantinople. It is widely known and recorded these Orthodox Patriarchs founded the Knights Templar, totally outside of the Western Papal structure of Rome.

The Orthodox Templar order was founded by the Angevin Nobility between the hands of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem and Constantinople. For the first generations of the Templar there was no collaboration or endorsement from the pope of Rome. The order itself was formed very near to the time of the great schism at Jerusalem. The Clerical support was mostly within the pre-Schism Orthodox institutions (like the pre-schism Orthodox Order of St Benedict and their Culdee Chaplains) that continued it's full relations with the Eastern church. These Eastern and Western Orthodox Clerics worked with the Angevin Knights and Royals. The Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Patriarch of Constantinople together co-consecrated the start of the Knights Templar. They launched the Templar as an Orthodox institution decades before the Roman Latin pope became involved or endorsed the Templar as tax free within Western papal ecclesiastical jurisdictions. However, as time went on, the Templar would worship in any Christian Orthodox institution wherever they were serving. It amounted to about half Western Orthodox and half Eastern Orthodox institutions where they would worship. Even in the West several ecclesiastical jurisdictions never fully submitted to the pope, and whenever they did, there was more power in the local secular government to appoint bishops, rather than the foreign popes. Brunswick itself kept their Apostolic claim primarily to Saint Andrew as do most Orthodox, rather than Rome who makes claim to Saint Peter. The most prominent and tallest buildings in Brunswick, and most picturesque part of the city was dominated by the views of Saint Andrew's Cathedral.

The first several Templar Grand Commanders and supportive Princes were all solely of the French Angevin House of who also reigned over England and Jerusalem. As heads of the Crusader states, the Angevin House were the first 11 Kings of Jerusalem (or 13 indirectly). All were of the House of Angevin. The Angevin Empire lawfully set to be inherited by sons of the Brunswick line of the original Duchy of German Saxony.

However this Angevin Empire ownership portion of the Brunswick inheritance was unlawfully kept from the house by de facto usurpation and occupations. These have been protested by Brunswick and are in present protest and inheritance claim documents, as kept in full effect during the last two centuries. These have been kept alive via four international treaties by present reigning governments, as well as the unanimous Dynastic and Public law regarded therein. 

So not only the Noble founders of the Templar were most likely Orthodox, but also the Clerics themselves, and lower Knights and members were most likely all Orthodox. Nearly all the Knights under the command of the Prince of Gothia (Raymond IV), of which all of the peoples of his realm of ancient Visigothia (now a region called Langudoc) were long called "Orthodox". Although clearly the Patriarchs of Jerusalem and Constantinople had plenty of priests available at their local churches the Templar served, also there were supportive priests attending from the Benedictine Abbot of Reims, all "Orthodox". Therefore the original (or true Templar) may arguably be moreso considered Western Orthodox than Roman Catholic. For sure they are not a papal order itself, although were later endorsed by them, and by force of arms nearly entirely destroyed by them. There has recently been some recent news of reconciliation however. Finally after 700 years the Vatican has admitted the Templar were innocent of their crimes. This does not automatically place Templar into any unnatural alliance with Rome.

In 2013 several Western Rite Orthodox Benedictines and Eastern Rite Goths gathered together to anoint Stephen and consecrated our order restoration. His rank in Brunswick was also recognized as being an Imperial Elector for Gothian descended state territories and peoples (of which many of their church institutions were founded by his church, where he is head of the Culdees). This is the firm re-establishment in the true Original Orthodox Templar. The Brunswick House inheritance in Angevin is one of several points, including the Dynastic branches of the Goths princely houses as other additional rights as successors of the Templar founders. These rights have been exerted and re-exerted throughout the whole period of the overal Templar dormancy and stoppage of the Crusader Kingdom. As we have a vision for restoring the Crusader and Templar states in Jerusalem, this is why we will succeed. God wrote it in His word that our city will be there and thriving once again before Christ returns. This is why all sincere Christians should join our rank to protect our Christian Culture, and our holy sites throughout the world.

Write to for more information about joining the Templar of Gothia.

Read more:

Ostrogoth and Visigoth United Royal Successor House, Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel, alloidial heirs of the Amali and Balti Dynasties


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On several lines of succession (Apostolic Succession) to the Ecclesastical, Chivralic, and House Orders

The Prince-Archbishop Dr. Stephen d'Guelph Nott-Brunswick (von Wolfenbüttel), PRIMACE OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE CULDEES, and Protector of Ecclesiastical and House Orders.

Heraldry of the new House of Nott-Brunswick (von Wolfenbüttel), proposed in 1929 and adopted from 1935 during the House of Wolfenbüttel-Brunswick succession crisis.

The purpose of demonstrating these lines are as obliged as an international Minister visiting other jurisdictions and officiating in the administration of Sacraments. To gain access to the church of Jerusalem was a primary concern. As we know the Elect will be regathered. The Jerusalem based orders of Chivalry are also referenced. So we are covered for all venues, whether they be of Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, or of other Christian backgrounds. It is also often customary to consecrate a Minister anew in foreign(or local) jurisdictions, to further confirm the valid accepted succession, or preferred succession via the lines of their regional Saints.
  • Archbishop Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth promised in his letter to Calvin, concerning the proposal of a union among all Protestants, reminding him that the Church of England would “retain her Episcopacy; but not as from Pope Gregory, who sent Augustine the monk hither, but from Joseph of Arimathea.” ("The Life and Acts of Archbishop Parker " By John Strype, Published in 1711.)
These are a few of the lines. Certificates, Diplomas and references are available.

Our English Liturgy (BCP) is not only used in Anglican Celtic and Protestant circles. It is also canonically established in several Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran communions.

Personal Arms of Stephen Michael awarded for the Office Archbishop Elect from 2009.

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The Original Orthodox Foundations of the Order of Templar Knights


Photo below. Seals of the princes of Gothia (equal peers of the King of France).

The oath that is regarded as forming the original Knights Templar order was conducted beneath the hands of the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople and the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1118AD.
The Patriarch of Rome(aka Pope) did not participate for about another twenty years. As the order was so blessed and prosperous, finally the pope did offer a papal bull of protection.
However, this did not mean submission to Rome any more than to the support of other Apostolic sees. While this all was very recent to the great schism, still the reasons of the Crusades had remained to "assist the Orthodox Emperor of Constantinople" against the heathen.
The Latin church never had denounced the Apostolic validity or authority of the other Sees, such as Constantinople.
The other non-Roman Apostolic Sees of the world (including Glastonbury, which was four times greater in size than Constantinople) contributed vastly to the success of the Templar order.
It is from Glastonbury England that the coat of Arms of Joseph of Arimathea gave rise to the red cross on the white shield (as having been the original lord in possession of the holy cross).
Long before Rome was onboard the Templar had the support of numerous Princes, Kings and Queens of Germanic and English origin (Gothian Nobles being some of the most resistant, while also being Orthodox).
It is recorded that the Templar order since 1096, had been sanctioned by Royal Knights of the most powerful leader of the Crusades "Prince Raymond of Gothia and Toulouse". After he had won the holy land, it is recorded, a great number of his Royal Knights stayed at Jerusalem to form the "order of the Temple", that same year. That is in the official Templar historical record by Simon de St. Bertin, as written in circa 1135-7. From this date of 1096 till 1118 numerous trips are recorded by these successor Royal Knights of Gothia.
The main international protections of the Templar were as Royal Knights of Gothia, which later were called Frankish Germanic Knights and Princes.
The Metropolitanate of Gothia (Caffa and Crimea) was also long established as a Diocese under the Patriarch of Constantinople.
Today's Gothian Templar maintains the correct roots of the original order.
The true order being founded on reverence for God's Temple, (all the churches of Christendom followed suit, as facing Eastward towards Jerusalem, as David also prayed towards Jerusalem).
We also hold the foundational Jerusalem traditions of the true cross as was re-instituted by the British mother of Constantine at Jerusalem. After the Persians sacked Jerusalem, the cross was won back after major campaigns of war by the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius. This included the true Chivalry of protecting Christian possessions for God's Kingdom on earth.
Our Germanic name and roots remain across the same original provinces, royal titles, and tribes all known as Gothic(or Gothian). The greatest resisters against the pope's condemnation of the Templar have also borne the name of Gothia and Goths. Princes of Gottingen (Gutingi) for example continued to be protectors, keeping the actual Templar preceptories as sovereign lordships under the Ducal Monarchs of Brunswick. This continued as protections for the Brunswick Templar family. This Gottingen Princely family has continued perpetually functioning as Templar in these titles in Supplingenburg and at Brunswick Castle till the Templehof demolition by the Brunswick city reforms of 1960. This castle land is under protest against the socialist progressive city of Brunswick to be reclaimed back for usage as the rightful perpetual Templar holy site. Supplingenburg however remains an authentic Templar Lordship under the de jure Sovereign Dukes of Brunswick, princes of Gottingen. In addition to the secular protections of our order, the spiritual protections of Primace Stephen, of the Culdees at Glastonbury and Heirarch Ambrose of the Goths at Crimea have given a full endorsement of the Gothian Templar in their joint declaration on the 20th of February, 2015. The main statutes of the order being to protect Christian pilgrims of the holy sites of the Muslim besieged Europe and of the dangerous zones for Christians at Jerusalem. Therefore Gothian Templar are of the substance of Templar, uniting all the old European (Gothic) descended Royal Knights to their consecrated duties for the safety of a family friendly environment for Christian pilgrims, without heathen interference in our establishments of faith.

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